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Testimonials and client before/after photos

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“Jack is enthusiast, energetic & amongst all - friendly! Would highly recommend"

Shelby Magee

“Having recently retired from working as a project manager for a Loughborough based engineering company I wanted to do something to improve my fitness and strength which was somewhat less than average.  I started out by training at a local commercial gym and coupled this with some swimming and walking for general exercise.  This enabled me to loose over a stone in weight and improve my physique slightly but I still felt that my overall fitness was lacking and my core strength and cardiovascular performance was relatively weak. I approached Jack to see if he could help and was delighted when he agreed to take me on as a client for personal training even though I was 63 years old. I have to say that being trained by Jack has been the best thing that I have experienced in my fitness journey so far.  He is extremely professional and has a vast knowledge of all matters concerning nutrition and physical exercise techniques.  My training sessions have been intense and involve a lot of really hard work and yet they have been extremely enjoyable and varied from week to week.  Jack is excellent at providing support and motivation and the improvement that I have seen in my strength, endurance, body shape and overall performance so far has been far in excess of what I had anticipated.  I continue to train with Jack at the moment and I am learning a lot about how to exercise efficiently in a functional gym environment.  Every session is positive and encouraging and I can see and feel a real benefit.  I have absolutely no problem in recommending Jack to anyone seriously interested in improving their fitness and willing to work hard to achieve their goals"

Andrew Rick

“Jack is an excellent trainer. He's knowledgeable and enthusiastic about supporting people with their fitness and nutrition; his energy is infectious! I started training as someone who was overweight and incredibly unfit. I now workout all the time, and actually enjoy it - which is something I never thought I would say! I cannot recommend Jack highly enough"

Naomi Bottomley

“AMAZING! Jack really knows how to make training fun and different. I've had 9 PT sessions with Jack now and every session has be enjoyable and really effective. I feel great after every session! Highly highly highly recommended"

Georgia Withers

“Jack provides a great quality Personal Training. His knowledge is great when starting out. He is able to conjure up fun, different and strenuous exercise programme's. He was a pleasure to train with and highly recommendable."

Alexander Piers

“I have found Jack to be a first class personal trainer. Having been out of any fitness regime for over 15 years and having issues with my back I was pessimistic about potential progress. Jack has tailored excellent fitness and strength programmes which suited me and has I have seen great progress. The sessions have been varied and fun and Jack gets the right balance between pushing me hard without risking injury. I have been very pleased with the progress I have made under Jack and would highly recommend his services"

Will Jones

“I've been having sessions with Jack for over a year now. He is very enthusiastic, motivational and has a great knowledge of fitness and strength. Having had injuries before, Jack tailors the sessions to suit my body and my requirements. I really enjoy working with Jack and would recommend him to anyone looking to get fitter and strong - Jack Hobbs, Professional Football player"

Jack Hobbs

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